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1 day  I  Incompany Training or Virtual Learning Journey

Why invest in a culture of continous feedback?

Research is clear. A strong feedback culture allows individuals, teams and organisations to continuously improve. So why does introducing such a culture prove so difficult in practice?

This is because our brain often perceives feedback as a threat. When we feel threatened, we switch to our system-1 thinking, leading to a survival response - the well-known "fight, flight or freeze". We either go into the fight, avoid the conversation or clam up. In each of these cases, the actual message - i.e. the feedback - does not get through. Let alone that we will change our behaviour....

The solution? We need to make feedback less threatening.

That way we can respond to it with our system-2 thinking: our rational, reflective thinking. "Indeed, I understand what you are saying now..."
and can adjust our behaviour accordingly. "What if I did it like this in the future?"

Create a robust feedback culture.

In this training, you will learn how to use knowledge about brain and behaviour to build a powerful feedback culture.


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In-company training

1  day, in your organisation

max. 12 participants

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  • You immediately translate your learnings into practice.

  • There is room for questions and feedback; you develop your personal action plan.

  • You discover the very latest scientifically based methods and techniques.

  • The techniques you learn have proven their effectiveness in leading companies and organizations.

Your results

After the training, you:

  • understand why the brain often perceives feedback as a threat and know how to avoid this.

  • can both give and receive feedback in a manner that is less threatening, allowing people to appropriately change their behaviour.

  • understand why psychological safety is crucial for a feedback culture.

  • know which steps to take to create a robust feedback culture in your own organisation.


Block 1: Feedback and the brain

  • How does our brain work? System-1 and system-2 thinking.

  • Why the brain most often perceives feedback as a threat.

Block 2: Making feedback less threatening

  • How to remain in the performance zone?

  • The importance of psychological safety

  • Giving feedback in a way that is less threatening

  • Receiving feedback in a way that is less threatening

Block 3: Feedback that leads to growth

  • What are the characteristics of high-quality feedback?

  • What information do people need to change their behaviour and succeed?

  • Understanding what happens in the brain when feedback works, and how to share feedback for maximum impact

Block 4: Create a culture of feedback seekers

  • Provide people with the skills to ask for feedback explicitly, widely and often

  • Action plan Feedback culture: how will you apply this in your own workplace?


“Els her approach gives you insight into your own blind spots. Self-reflection is sometimes necessary to improve how we do things.

Good mix of theory and practice."

Sibylle Demeyere, HR-manager, Motrac

"Two pleasant and very insightful days. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Eric Debacker, CEO, edeps