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nudging & framing


a gentle nudge goes a long way

1 day  I  Incompany Training or Virtual Learning Journey

Nudging & Framing

Nudging is based on the scientific fact that people make most decisions in an intuitive, automatic manner. The groundbreaking work of Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman* shows that people do not act as rationally as we would like to believe. To enable us to make decisions in a complex environment, our brain makes use of mental shortcuts and uses cues from the environment. We automatically favour the default or easy option. 

Nudging* is a technique from behavioural economics where people receive a gentle nudge to behave in a desired way. A well-known example is the fly pained in men's urinals to avoid them peeing next to the urinal. 

Framing entails that you use words, metaphors and perspectives in a way that makes your message more attractive and that actives certain emotional reactions

*Kahneman (2011) "Thinking, Fast and Slow"

* Thaler & Sunstein (2008), "Nudge" 


Type: Possible as

In-company training

1 day, in your organisation

Virtual Learning Journey

2 half days (each 3 hours), via Zoom

max. 12 participants

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After this training:

  • you will have insight in how humans make choices through use of a number of mental shortcuts

  • you will know how to analyse human behaviour and which elements to focus on th achieve behavioural change
    • you will be able to apply techniques from behavioural economics and cognitive psychology to cases in your daily practice

    • you will have a better understanding of your own behaviour and that of others - be it your colleagues, a target group, or your private context


    1: Our fallible thinking

    • How does our brain work? System 1 and system 2 thinking.
    • The mental shortcuts our brain uses. 

    2: Framing - Influencing by framing your message deliberately

    • What is a frame?
    •  Behavioural insight: humans react differently to the same information when it is framed differently
    • Application: frame your message in a positive, attractive way

    3: Nudging

    • How to give a gentle nudge in the right direction?
    • What about the ethics of nudging?

    4: EAST principles of the Behavioural Insight Team (BIT), UK:

    To convince people:

    • You need to make the desired behaviour Simple and Attractive
    • Persuasive communication also makes use of the Social aspect and optimal Timing


    "Els clearly knows how to deliver a great workshop. The day was completely tailored to our needs and very interactive. Highly recommended!"

    Anne Starkie-Alves, European Commission

    "The training was tailored to the cases that participants had sent in. This meant the new insights could be applied to our real work situations straight away."

    Matthias Desesoi, Beleidsmedewerker, Actiris