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Does Unconscious Bias Training Work?

An evidence-based anwer

Leaders across the globe are striving to make their organizations more diverse, inclusive and equitable. In their efforts, they often resort to so-called unconscious bias (UB) training.

What does the evidence say?

And how do you implement UB training that works?

"Ony 10% of conventional UB training programmes give attendees strategies for reducting bias. Imagine a weight-loss programme that told participants to step on the scale and left it at that." 

Francesca Gino, Harvard Business Review, September 2021

"By understanding our cognitive limitations

just like

the physical ones,

we can design

a better world."

― Dan Ariely

Our fallible thinking

Human thinking isn’t as objective and rational as we’d like to believe. Much of our thinking occurs unconsciously and we are continuously affected by our environment. In the words of Dan Ariely, we are "predictably irrational", prone to cognitive bias. Research points out up to 25% of resources in organisations is lost due to cognitive bias!(*)

But... if we are "predictably irrational", this means you can anticipate where bias will occur. It is possible to (re)design your organisational processes in a way that takes into account the reality of human thinking and behaviour. Measurably improving your organisational performance in many areas:

  • Decision-making & strategy
  • Leadership & growth
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Influencing & change

(*) Dan Ariely (2008) "Predictably Irrational"

HumanInsight is the professional training and consulting bureau

where individuals and organisations learn to think smarter and make better choices using behavioural insight.

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What's in it for you?

Improve your performance by up to 25%!

Our evidence-based training and consultancy enables organisations to adapt their way of working to the realities of human thinking and behaviour. Leading to a measurable improvement of performance - up to 25%!*

Are we a match?

  • Are you a professional willing to question yourself and how you work?

  • Is your organisation ready to have a critial look at ingrained routines and implicit assumptions? 

Yes? Let's join forces!

Up to 25% better results?

Yes? Let's join forces!

HumanInsight enables individuals and organisations to think smarter and make better choices using behavioural insight. 

Our training and consultancy is evidence-based, results-driven and made to measure. You learn to understand the psychology underpinning human behaviour. You receive the necessary tools to effect real and lasting behavioural change.

Our topics

Human thinking and behaviour affects all processes in organisations. Research points out that applying behavioural insight is crucial:

    Our formats

    To teach you those new skills that will allow you to steer the "predicably irrational" thinking (of yourself and others!) and enable lasting behavioural change, we have designed a number of learning instruments. All these are evidence-based and geared towards maximum impact in your organisation.





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    European Commission - "Nudging & Framing"
    European Commission - "Nudging & Framing"
    European Commission - "Nudging & Framing"
    South Africa (Bergrivier) - "Policy for Behaviour Change"
    South Africa (Bergrivier) - "Policy for Behaviour Change"
    South Africa (Bergrivier) - "Policy for Behaviour Change"
    Brunel - "Debias your recruitment process"
    Brunel - "Debias your recruitment process"
    Brunel - "Debias your recruitment process"
    Umicore - "Inclusive Leadership"
    Umicore - "Inclusive Leadership"
    Umicore - "Inclusive Leadership"
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    "Els possesses both a thorough theoretical expertise - she gave lots of references to scientific studies - as well as the pedagogical abilities to transfer that knowledge in an appealing way."

    Karen Vandevelde, HR Director Universiteit Antwerpen

    University of Antwerptailor-made training & consultancy I "Countering implicit bias in recruitment & promotion"

    logo European Commission

    "These folks know how to deliver a great workshop. The day was completely tailored to our needs and very interactive. Highly recommended!"

    Anne Starkie-Alves, European Commission, Brussels

    European Commission

    incompany workshop on "Nudging"

    Our blog

    Practical tips & insights

    Making good use of bias:

    As a way to motivate & engage employees

    We are all biased. It's part of being human. So why not use it to your advantage? 

    Learn how to make use of the so-called 'positive illusion' to increase engagement in your team and even improve employee performance.


    How to avoid...

    negativity bias

    'Negativity bias' concerns our brain's innate tendency to emphasize all things negative. Its effects? An overly dramatized world view, increased feelings of stress and bad decision-making.

    Here are some tools to avoid it...


    How to avoid...

    bias in performance reviews

    As human beings, we are biased. We automatically prefer those who are similar to us and tend to focus on the short term. This causes bias when evaluating others.

    How do you level the playing field when evaluating performance?

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